spirit flows thru -- Alison Rittger's spiritual reflections on finding the holy in the daily
PictureFoxiebeau enjoys the snuggle blanket.
We can’t let Thanksgiving recede too far or too fast without expressing some special gratitudes. Thanksgiving morning when we headed out into early morning darkness for our coffee, we enjoyed very silent streets. We were grateful for the warm coffee shop open at 5 am and the friendly greetings. Both my one and only and I appreciated that no large dogs loomed from under blankets pushed up against buildings. We are also thankful for the people who invited us to share their homes with them on Thanksgiving Day and wanted to do the meal planning and cooking. For in spite of my one and only’s sizeable investment in an online vegan cooking course, she got only as far as the knife lesson, acing the test in fingertip protection. But that was about all. Later, she learned that although she did not do much or earn a certificate, she would have lifelong access to the material, the videos, etc. of the cooking course. This made her very happy and grateful! I stayed crated on T Day while our friend, Kate, cooked the meal at her house and fed my better half.

Now that the actual eating day of Thanksgiving has morphed into gratitude without meals attached, my one and only continues to be surprised by good will and unconditional friendliness when and where she would not have expected it. Just this morning as we waited a long time in the busy Starbucks, a young man thanked my one and only for giving him and his friend money the day before. In the darkness, we had not seen the faces of the two young men outside Starbucks, but one of them must have recognized me or my one and only’s puffy red jacket because he thanked us. He also complimented me on going with the flow. I guess he mistook my standing still for having a temperament I don’t actually have. My one and only corrected him with the observation that I would be fine as long as the flow didn’t move too fast or change direction. Whatever that means. Metaphors are not my forte. However I could sense that had we been carrying money other than the tip for the baristas, we would gladly have gifted the young man once again.

I will end with an additional gratitude. This for the thick snuggle blanket, we now have on the couch. Because my one and only doesn’t do well with written instructions, we have not turned on the heat. (Sigh)

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