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PictureFoxiebeau in San Francisco
When I see my one and only cart my sleeping crate from its usual spot and place it near the door, I suspect we are not just going to the rose garden. On short trips I lie on the front seat. Long trips mean the crate. This time we are going to San Francisco. When we turn left on Gough Street, I know exactly where we are going. My one and only wants me to hang out with Cooper, a fluffy white dog I like and his companion, Greg. I will eat and sleep there and walk around the block just like I did during the ten years we lived in that building on the second floor.

My one and only is going to Spirit Rock. There she won’t talk to anyone most of the time, except maybe briefly to a teacher. She will sit and walk and sit and walk, eat and sleep. She will be a lot like me. She says she is ready to do that, but she is not ready to go a week without coffee. Even though my one and only goes every morning to Starbucks, she is kind of a coffee snob. She won’t drink decaf or instant coffee. But, she did buy instant coffee to take to Spirit Rock. They won’t serve coffee there, she said.

I know this is kind off topic, but I want to explain why every morning I am walked to Starbucks. My one and only says she really likes coffee from Philz. But at Starbucks she likes the workers because of their kindness training. They remember her only drink, my name, and hers. We are always greeted and made to feel like it matters we are buying from them. It’s not just because we don’t complain and never steal, not even Splendas. For my part, I don’t lift my leg on their displays.

So my one and only has left me, her dog, Foxiebeau, in San Francisco. I will be glad to see her when she picks me up at the end of the week. She has promised to tell me what it was like there. She is hoping not to have too many thoughts, so her briefing may be really brief. In the meantime I will sit and walk and sleep and eat while my one and only goes away to practice what to me comes naturally.   

10/13/2015 07:34:48 pm

Oh, Alison, you will fall in love with spirit rock. I have only been once but so enjoyed its beauty

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